WELCOME to The Sacred Goddess~
With every evolutionary shift we take The Divine Feminine moves to the forefront of consciousness and ushers us into that change.
The Feminine Principle within the Deity carries the love and spirituality into experience.
As we know, we are making a dimensional shift encoded to occur sometime around December 21 st., 2012.
To usher us up the ladder of evolution and allow for activated strains of DNA, the Feminine Prinicple takes responsibility for the entrance into higher consciousness.
We will begin again to learn the Feminine Ways. The Way of the Heart. The Way of Love. Intuition vs. thinking. Embracing rather than disregarding. Acceptance of all of Life. Stepping into Oneness.
Feminine guidance is a very different flow of guidance from that of the Masculine. It speaks of being rather than doing. And yet, so much is accomplished as we learn to follow our Spirit, rather than tell our Spirit what to do.
May this site assist your transformation and bring you great Joy!

In Grace, Ariel'

Pearls of Goddess Wisdom

Pearls of Goddess Wisdom
"The receipe for Life is Love, Love & Love"

"Let go--you won't fall, I am holding you!"

"It is safe to wake up, I am with you...I always have!"

"There is nothing to forgive....you have just been dreaming."

"Love yourselves as I love you & the magic returns!"

"As you love yourself as I love you...you love all!"

"If you are suffering you have judged in your heart. Let go of judgment and the Love returns to you. For the only one you ever judge is yourself. Love yourself as I love you and you will know BLISS!"

"Thinking is fear speaking!"

"All psychological issues are the evidence of the absence of Love."

"Just as darkness is the absence of Light, so is suffering the absence of Love."

"If you are suffering, then you are not loving. Love!"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Am Mother

Blessed Be!  I am the Mother of all Life.  I am the Giver of Life.  And it is to Me all Life returns held within the fullness of My Love.

Dearest Ones, as the moon rises & the sun sets, it is there you will see Me in the beauty of a star-lite night smiling down upon My creation as I touch the Earth, I am the Earth, I am all things. Look for Me!

I have been silent except with those who have kept Me tenderly in their hearts. Now My Silence has come full circle, as I reveal Myself as the loving Mother who has prepared a path for you to walk. A gentle path that will lead you home to Me.

I will lift you up in My loving embrace where you will find the solace you have silently prayed for while you dreamed you were separate from Me & the Father.

The time is now for the Feminine to return and emerge into the forefront of your awareness.  It is I and all my Angels who make it possible for you to awaken and remember who you are!

You are surrounded by My celestial helpers who are aspects of Myself, held in My protective embrace as you step out of what many refer to as the descent into matter ushered in long ago by the Divine Masculine. 

There has been initiated an opening of the Heart.  For it is through the heart that I may return to you, and speak to you of Heavenly things. 

Practice daily opening your heart, living from your heart, listening with your heart and I will speak to you. I will heal you.  I will wipe away the concerns that only the sleeping mind can produce while dreaming.

As you approach an evolutionary stimulation let My Grace lift you up into the remembrance that we have always been one!

The Sacred Goddess in all things & all beings.........


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